Tenant Information

(Refer section 72(1, 2, 3 & 4) of Residential Tenancies Act 1997)


Ochre Plumbing: Scott Orr 0418 178 215


           React Property Maintenance : Frank 0438 383 735


Capital Locksmiths: Mark 0409 011 104


Revival Cleaning (Cleaning and steam cleaning): 0438 753 485

Jetvac (Steam Cleaning): 0417 011 028


           Ian Macmillian 0456 320 670

           Accord Building Services: 0410 636 493


What Counts as an Urgent Repair?

A tenant may arrange for urgent repairs provided all reasonable steps have been made to contact the Landlord/Agent (see section 1 above). An urgent repair is any work needed to fix as per the list below:
A burst water service
A blocked or broken lavatory system
A serious roof leak
A gas leak
A dangerous electrical fault
Flooding or serious flood damage
Serious storm or fire damage
A failure or breakdown of any essential service or appliance provided for hot water, water, cooking, heating or laundry
A failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply
Any fault or damage that makes the rented premises unsafe or insecure
A serious fault in a lift or staircase in the rented premises

Tenants Rights and Duties regarding Urgent Repairs
(As Per Residential Tenancies Act 1997-Act# 109/1997 S72) 

1. A tenant may arrange for urgent repairs to be carried out to the rented premises if:
(a) the tenant has taken reasonable steps to arrange for the landlord or the landlords' agent to immediately carry out the repairs; and (b) the tenant is unable to get the landlord or agent to carry out the repairs.
2. If the tenant carries out repairs under sub-section
(a) the tenant must give the landlord 14 days written notice of the repairs carried out and the cost; and
(b) the landlord is liable to reimburse the tenant the reasonable cost of the repair or $1800.00, whichever is less.
3. If urgent repairs are required to an item that uses or supplies water and that does not have at least an A rating and that item cannot be repaired, the tenant may replace it with an item that does have an A rating.
4. This section does not apply to fixtures, furniture or equipment supplied by the tenant.

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Important Telephone Numbers

City of Moonee Valley  9243 8888

City of Melbourne  9658 9658

Hume City Council  9205 2200

City of Maribyrnong  9688 0200

Yarra Valley Water  131 721

City West Water   131 971

MyConnect   1300 854 478

Police/Fire/Ambulance  000