Selling Information


First Impressions Count... That is the key to presenting properties for sale and hopefully achieving a quicker sale and a higher price. Seek the opinion of your agent and use your own judgement. Tidy the outside, make minor repairs and paint where necessary Clean the gutters, windows, screens, doors and awnings Trim shrubs, mow lawns and sweep paths Try take pets with you during inspections and remove droppings Arrange the furniture to make the rooms look big and easy to walk in and the house is tidy Make the bathroom gleam! Put away cosmetics and toiletries Have fresh flowers around the house Have a cosy fire going during the winter and create airflor during summer Play some pleasant music Neutralise odours with fresh bewed coffee or baked cake

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Empty Houses Hard to Sell

Many people think it’s cleaner and simpler to move out of their home before selling it while others find themselves doing it by default, because they have already found another home. But selling an empty home should be avoided where possible. Few empty houses have charm. And few prospective buyers are good at visualizing a house’s charm potential. Empty houses usually take twice as long to sell and often sell for less. After all, people don’t buy houses they buy homes. Empty houses make it hard for people to do decide whether their furniture will work. Without chairs or sofas to indicate size and scale, how can they make the translation from their current living room to the one they are looking at?  Prospective buyers also tend to focus on negative details. Chips or cracks are obvious when there are no paintings, furniture or window coverings to take buyers' attention and camouflage imperfections. If you have to move out, it’s worth contacting a home staging company whos...

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Method of Sale

Public AuctionThe Auction system is a popular method that works particularly well in the Moonee Valley area. The advantages of selling by Auction will ensure you obtain an unconditional contract, as buyers cannot use "subject to..." conditions and no "cooling off" period applies, providing you with peace of mind.   A short but comprehensive marketing campaign means less disruption to family life. Set inspection times for potential buyers are arranged at the outset to offer convenience to you.   Sale by Negotation Sale by Negotiation is a mixture of the Auction bidding process and the Private Sale time frame. Houses usually sell within a 4 - 6 week period - sometimes even earlier. Properties marketed using the Sale by Negotiation process often achieve prices well in excess of owner’s expectations. There is no upper limit for bids and often enables sellers to achieve a sale price in excess of their reserve or what was thought to be a fair mar...

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