Avion Expats Australia


Avion Properties works closely with Expat Property Planners (http://www.expatpropertyplanners.com.au) to service the Property management needs of Australian Expats working around the world. We understand and appreciate the need for your property to be professionally managed with attention to detail, accurate report keeping and the ability to make a decision on your behalf in case you are uncontactable.    Nick Cartledgenick@avionproperties.com.au

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Foreign Investors

Foreign Investor Avion Properties is a complete service for foreign buyers seeking to purchase property in Melbourne but are unsure of the process and method. We are able to provide personalised assistance for buyers with specific requirements so that you can make a clear and confident investment decision that is perfectly tailored to your individual circumstances. Our experienced team take care of all aspects of property investing including finding a tenant and taking care of the on-going management of your property, removing most of the uncertainties from the process and making it stress free.

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